About Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch manual therapy, which was developed through the life’s work and research of Dr. AT Still, Dr. WG Sutherland and Dr. John E Upledeger. Comprised of the brain, spinal cord, bones of the head, spine, face and mouth as well as the fascia and delicate membranes and fluids contained within; this physiological system helps protect and assist in the functioning of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

CST involves gentle techniques that test for restrictions within the body and assess the quality of the craniosacral rhythm, which the body regulates and maintains in order to nourish and detoxify our central nervous system. It is the production and absorption of cerebral spinal fluid that causes this rhythm. The assessment of this rhythm (through palpation) as well as the physiological restrictions in the body are found and addressed with the treatment session. The amount of pressure used during a session is extremely light and although the focus is in and around the head and spinal column, treatments can address any area of the body.

CST also releases restrictions in the fascial/connective tissues of the body. Fascia is the soft tissue layers that are continuous throughout the whole body and wrap around every organ, muscle, bone and each individual cell. This gentle hands-on technique releases areas of chronic tensions within the body, which can affect major changes in both the physical and emotional states.

CST also maintains the function and efficiency of the Autonomic Nervous System, which includes the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The body heals and repairs itself when most relaxed or asleep. That is the time when the parasympathetic system is predominantly in control. It is during this time that our minds and bodies feel at peace. The sympathetic nervous system, known as the “Fight or Flight” system is greatly affected by technology and the modern way of living, which can lead to stress if it becomes more dominate. Children with attention issues, sensory issues, neurological diagnosis, learning disabilities, concussions, tics/PANDAS and anxiety tend to have over activity of the sympathetic nervous system. CST aims to bring balance between these two systems.

Relaxation has long been valued for its healing and restorative properties on the body and encouraging deep states of relaxation is achieved through CST. CranioSacral therapy requires only the gentle hands and clear intention of the therapist. Patients lay fully clothed on the table with an open mind and willingness to assist in their own healing. CST has something to offer everyone, from pregnant mothers, babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and the elderly (and everyone in between).